The First Course

I have never understood people that flippantly remark in the middle of the afternoon, “I forgot to each lunch.” It’s not that I’m not a little absent minded-—I forget things like where I left my keys, whether I turned off the coffee pot, and the name of the person that I met at a cocktail party last week. But forgetting meals? That’s where I draw the line.

Food has always been more to me than just a necessary part of life. I almost never ordered off the kids menu growing up. Instead of chicken fingers and fries, I ordered shrimp and grits. Being part of a southern family, I learned the importance of loving through food. Whether it was celebrating a special occasion or letting someone know that you were thinking of them, the message was conveyed through food. Few things bring me more joy than making friends and family their favorite food, or, better yet, cooking something that they didn’t know that they liked.

Here are a few of my ground rules for cooking:

1. Homemade is best. I don’t buy meat that is already marinated. I won’t use pasta sauce from a jar. I make my own taco seasoning. Anything less takes the fun out of it.

2. Measuring ingredients is for baking. I love getting recipes from my grandmother. I remember asking her how to make spaghetti sauce. The direction that I got in response was a combination of “if I have some, I’ll add…;” “toss in a pinch of…;” “pour in a few dashes of….” Trying to figure out what a dish needs a little more of is one of the best things about cooking.

3. Food is better with a bit of booze. Incorporating a little booze does magnificent things for food. If a dish doesn’t lend itself to a splash of wine or beer (a very short list in my house), that doesn’t stop me from having a glass nearby while I’m cooking.

I’m not a food critic. I’m just a fan. I hope to share some of the foods, drinks, and related experiences that make life a little more exciting.


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3 thoughts on “The First Course

  1. It was lot less glazed than a ‘hot and now’ from Krispy Kreme. I would not have guessed potato was involved if I didn’t know, but it was a bit more substantive and cake-like than a typical Krispy Kreme donut. I had a brandy coffee donut and a maple bacon donut. Both were awesome!


  2. I’m proud of you for many things, Wes. Your being a foodie ranks right up there! I’d like to think it all began in your early years with our cookie making adventures. Either way, you know those foodie genes came from your Gardner/Harvey kin who start planning supper in the midst of breakfast! Love this post.


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