Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Any fellow procrastinators out there? Since mid-July, I’ve been seeing fashion bloggers posting about the #Nsale. I’ll go ahead and admit this little secret: I was totally unfamiliar with it. Yikes! Am I still allowed to have a fashion-related blog? No one immediately came to knock at our door and tell me to hand in my fashion credentials (of which, let’s be honest, I have none) so that brought me to my next step: desperately wanting to get in on the early access sale.

But you know what? I’m married. And my husband hates credit cards. Which is probably a good thing for our actual everyday lives, but it did keep me out of the early access sale. Yes, I know, there’s a debit card. Take that up with him.

Like all of the other little non-special-non-early-access-non-credit-card-wielders, I waited. I made a wish list. I poured through what felt like one million pages. The moment finally arrived. The sale went public. And most of the items on my wish list were no longer available. I took it in stride. I barely cried. Just kidding, no actual tears were shed. Whenever things like that happen, I try to think of it as “I guess I didn’t need ‘x’ anyway.”

A few weeks later and I was still seeing posts about the Nsale. I decided to give it another peek–I guess some items get restocked (?) but still very few of my original favorites were available. Silver lining? I found some really awesome pieces. The best part was, all of them were under $40! What a win. Another perk to waiting was that it was way less overwhelming to go through the sale items. I found it helpful to first filter by size (that way my hopes weren’t dashed by the last remaining dress being a size XXXXXXXS), then I filtered by price. Looking through 3-4 pages of items was much easier than 20.

Here’s what I ended up with:

Nsale roundup

  1. Street Level Faux Leather Bucket Bag–I’ve been inspired by lots of cute looks featuring bucket bags on Instagram! This price point is a steal, and it got good reviews. I can just see myself cramming tons of “necessary” things into it. I purchased it in black–but was also tempted by the cognac. I compromised and purchased it in black and the one below it in cognac! Also, BREAKING NEWS: it comes in a mini size. How did I not see that the first time around? Kicking myself. On the bright side, I guess I’ll have space for my “necessary” junk. If you’re feeling a splurge, check out this Tory Burch stunner. A girl can dream, right?
  2. Faux Leather Crossbody Bag–I love crossbody bags. They prevent me from carrying around all of my “necessary” junk (known to include receipts from everywhere I’ve ever shopped, random Expo markers I’ve accidentally taken home with me, multiple books in case I ever get stuck waiting somewhere, etc). Basically, I feel like crossbody bags are good for my health. I wanted one in a fall color, so I purchased this one in cognac, but it also comes in hunter green. While I’m dreaming, here’s a Kate Spade splurge in a beautiful mahogany color.
  3. Lush Whitney Bell Sleeve Woven Shift Dress–I’m a short girl. Frequently I can get away with wearing shorter dresses due to my height. However, I took one look at this dress and didn’t see myself feeling comfortable enough to rock it. I think it would make a really fun top, though. I want to try it with jeans or leggings. Power to you if you can wear it as a dress! Who knows, it might come in and be perfectly long enough for me to wear comfortably. Time will tell–that’s the fun part of online shopping! The pattern I purchased it in is no longer available, but there were still several solids & a few prints to choose from. Personally, I was tempted by the plum.
  4. American Atelier ‘Daphne’ Decanter & Whiskey Glasses–This was my only home purchase. I have been adding copper pieces to our barware collection and was so excited to see this! I have a vision of it perfectly completing our barware area. I’ve been collecting pieces all summer and can’t wait to share full barware details on its own post if everything goes according to plan. It also comes in light gold if you prefer that to the copper.
  5. Olive Burnt Jenna Stripe–Back to the basics for this final piece. Being a redhead, I always gravitate towards olives/greens. I loved the flowy look of this long sleeved tee. If you like the relaxed style but you aren’t ready to make the leap to long sleeves yet, it also comes in short sleeves! The stripes sold out, but there are several solid colors to choose from.

Items have been selling out even as I’ve been writing this post, so hurry to catch some of these remaining deals! We’ve procrastinated long enough, friend.


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