Pictures with Pups

A few weeks ago, we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. Anniversary celebrations for Wes mean an excuse occasion to eat a delicious meal. Anniversary celebrations for me mean an excuse occasion to take pictures. I indulged Wes with a delicious dinner at a local favorite, and he indulged me by allowing my sweet new friend, Emily, to take some family photos for us.

Anniversary Photo 6

I love our pups more than what is probably “normal.” I think Roxie has more personality than most humans and I’d probably take Deacon to work with me if I could. That being said–I’ll admit that they aren’t always the most well behaved dogs in the world. Roxie does what Roxie wants. Deacon is afraid of his own shadow. I was nervous to take them along on our photo session, but they’re part of our family! I wanted them to be there. If you’re thinking about including your fur-babies in your next photo session, here are some tips to help things go smoothly!

Tired pups have the cutest smiles. 
I always get the best “smiles” from our dogs when they’re tired. Before taking your photos, take them for a little walk or throw the ball for them a few times! I love smiling photos with their tongues hanging out. I feel like it really shows their personalities! We had a little help in this department because it was so warm outside. Don’t worry–we brought along our portable water bowl (yeah, I’m that dog mom).

Bring treats. Anniversary Photo 14If your pups have a favorite treat, stash it in your pocket! Embarrassingly enough, our pockets contained Ziplock baggies with pieces of chicken in it. Our dogs will work pretty hard for a tiny morsel of chicken–or cheese! It’d probably be even easier if your dogs will work for dog treats–ha!

Dress accordingly. Anniversary Photo 24In retrospect, I should have worn flats. It was a little difficult to walk the pups in tall wedges! I purposefully wore jeans in the family photos so I wouldn’t have to worry about the dogs nudging my dress–or getting tangled in the leash while wearing a dress. Also, I wore a light color on top to hide the dog hair (side note: bring a lint roller). I changed into a less dog friendly outfit when we took a few without the pups (below). Anniversary Photo 85

Have a plan for when the pups aren’t in the photos.Anniversary Photo 52 Anniversary Photo 62We took a few photos without the pups. We were able to loop their leashes around a tree so that we could keep an eye on them. If you’re going to be in an open field or something without that option, you could ask a friend to tag along to help!

Make some noise. Anniversary Photo 23Our photographer had a squeaky toy that she put on her lens! I’m pretty sure it was actually meant for babies, but… (Deac was more interested in it than Roxie). You could bring along a favorite toy that makes noise to grab their attention so they look at the camera.

Have fun!Anniversary Photo 22 Anniversary Photo 16 Anniversary Photo 17One of the best parts about having the pups in our photos is the fun, relaxed pictures we ended up with. If you’re not comfortable in front of the camera, having them along makes for a great distraction! It helps your photographer to get some natural shots that you’ll treasure forever. Inevitably it won’t go perfectly (Roxie refused to turn around a few times–as you can see above), but try to laugh it off and have fun!

A very special thank you to Emily Solberg for taking these photographs for us! She captured our family perfectly. If you’re in South Carolina (or anywhere), I would highly recommend her! Check out her awesome page here. She was seriously a rock star!


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