Fall Getaway Basics


Top: Loft, Jeans: Loft, Shoes: Frock Candy, Bag: Nordstrom (similar), Hat: H&M , Necklace: Francesca’s, Watch: Michael Kors

A few weeks ago we traveled to Charleston, South Carolina with Wes’s parents to celebrate his mom’s birthday. Wes is an only child and has always been close to his parents. Since the two of us were high school sweethearts, I’ve spent all of my late teen/adult life with them, too. I feel so fortunate that his parents have always welcomed me into their family with open arms. We love traveling together, and this time around was no exception. As it usually is, our mission for the weekend was finding good food, relaxation, and laughter along the way. For the sake of this post, let’s call those the basics.

Thursday afternoon I wrapped up my parent conferences at school and we headed down to Charleston. We kicked off the long weekend with a late dinner followed by a box of Cheez-Its when we got back to the hotel… followed by ice cream, Milanos, and dark chocolate squares. What else are you supposed to do after a long day of travel?

There is something wonderful about waking up to your first full day of vacation. You know what makes it even more wonderful? Breakfast delivery. The Restoration (where we stayed) offers these adorable picnic baskets of breakfast packed full with your choice of coffee, pastries, and other healthy breakfast items which we mostly left untouched. Do I seem like the granola for breakfast type?? We spent the day wandering around, eating (but seriously), and Wes’s mom and I did a little shopping. Correction: we did a lot of shopping. I made the mistake of wearing cute shoes over comfortable and paid for it the rest of the weekend. Whoops! Worth it. Maybe. It was nothing a few trips to the drug store and a few boxes of bandaids couldn’t fix.


The look that I’m sharing is what I wore on Saturday. This was definitely one of those trips where I made the fatal packing mistake: giving myself too many options. Does any one person really need 12 pairs of shoes for the weekend? I woke up and stared at the options, feeling a little overwhelmed. Let me share something with you: the secret to packing is planning outfits and not giving yourself too many choices. Really. It works. I’ve done it at least four times in my life. But think about it–if you only bring two outfits to wear, you won’t spend an hour agonizing over which pair of pants match which pair of booties. The ones with the block heels? The wedges? The flats? Save yourself the trouble. The irony is that I ended up going with the simplest outfit I could put together: black on black (with a pop of brown of course). Basics, if you will.  I love the swing tee because it is so forgiving. No one could tell how many of Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits I ate for breakfast. There’s just something about wearing all black that makes you feel put together.

img_5955 img_5964

I promise to share more about our trip to Charleston (uh…what we ate) soon! Sadly my laundry basket beckons. I’ll let you wonder whether or not it’s because I just finished unpacking.

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