All She Wants for Christmas


There are few things I treasure more in life than the gift of friendship (wow–an unintentional pun right out of the gate). High school, college, the workplace, your neighborhood–you never know just where you’ll meet the one whom you routinely text the twin emoji. When I think about the friendships that I hold dear to my heart, I think of how the different stages of my life have helped to cultivate those relationships. Some of my friends live just down the street while others are hundreds or thousands of miles away. I have friends that I’ve known for years and friends that I feel like I’ve known for years. When I’m shopping for gifts, I always try to look for something that captures an element of their personality or our friendship. I’ve linked the items below, so see if you spot the perfect gift for your gal!

If she’s…

A gym rat: S’ip by S’well Water Bottle (above, 1)

One of my best friends gave me a S’well for my birthday a few months ago and I could not love it more. What better incentive to choose healthy habits than a cute water bottle? There are several cute designs to choose from.

More of a couch potato: Chenille Basketweave Throw Blanket (above, 3)

No shame–this would accurately describe myself. It’s the perfect gift for when you’re lounging around watching Gilmore Girls reruns together–but it also doubles as an adorable home decor piece!

A beauty buff: ‘Naked2’ Basics Palette (above, 7)

Who doesn’t love the Naked Palette? I’m not even that into beauty products (gasp!) and I’m obsessed. This palette is compact and perfect for her to take with her when she’s on the go.

A loungewear addict: Love By Design Christmas Leggings (above, 5)

Forget a fancy Christmas party. Her idea of a good time is throwing on some festive leggings, baking cookies, and turning on a favorite Christmas flick.

A bookworm: Harry Potter Ideal Bookshelf Print (above, 2)

Some of my closest friendships are bound by Harry Potter. My girlfriends and I grew up reading the books, going to the midnight releases and premieres, and discussing which house we’d be sorted into. Each year when we do Secret Santa, there’s at least one Harry Potter gift given. Last year, my bestie handmade a Harry Potter Monopoly board game. That’s love, guys. If you don’t have that kind of time on your hands but still want to pay tribute to her love for Harry and co., check out this adorable print.

Recently moved into a new place: Initial Porcelain Trinket Tray (above, 4)

This monogrammed trinket tray would be perfect if your friend recently moved into a new place! It would look great on her vanity or makes a great spot to put jewelry when she’s doing dishes in the kitchen sink.

Obsessed with her dog: Personalized Dog Mug (above, 8)

This is probably the gift I’d give myself. In fact, I’ve already given one to my high school bestie for her birthday. You choose a dog that most closely resembles her pup and you can even add his/her name at the bottom. How could she not love it?

More of a cat person: Kate Spade Cool Cat iPhone 6 Case (above, 6)

If she frequently sends you Snapchat videos of her cat’s antics, this gift is for her. Cats AND Kate Spade? Match made in heaven.


Have you already started your holiday shopping? Who’s on your list?


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