New Year, Same Me

lexi_fashion68Jacket: Nordstrom, Top: Loft, Sunglasses: Vestique, Skirt: Loft, Purse: Kate Spade, Boots: Macy’s, Necklace: Perry Street, Earrings: Kate Spade

Photography by: Emily Solberg Photography

Well, here we are. 2017. January 5, 2017 to be exact..and if you know me, you’ll not be surprised that I am just now getting around to a resolutions post. I’m a procrastinator at worst and a deep thinker at best. I’ve spent a lot of time over the past week or two thinking about the goals I could set for the next year (uh, I mean…this year). But, I haven’t spent any time (until now) writing them down. Writing things down seems so final and I don’t love being locked into things. I actually never successfully kept a resolution until two years ago.

lexi_fashion64lexi_fashion63lexi_fashion76lexi_fashion75The Lifetime movie version: It was January 1, 2015. On that blustery, cold morning I woke up, looked in the mirror, and wasn’t proud of what I saw. (Spoiler alert: I live in the south. There truly aren’t that many blustery, cold mornings anyways–so you should know that was made up.)

The actual version: I saw a truly terrible photo of myself on Facebook (yep, can’t make this stuff up) and knew it was time for a change. I don’t even think it was January 1. Maybe more like the 17th, but who’s counting?

Long story short, I resolved to work out five times a week. That ended up leading to diet changes and overall lifestyle changes. I became obsessed with Skinnytaste, we stopped eating out all the time, and I found out I actually enjoyed exercise. I lost 20-ish pounds, but I gained some new perspective. Working out didn’t have to be terrible, and eating healthy foods didn’t have to taste bad.

Knowing how much of an impact a small resolution can make, I wanted to make my new goals meaningful. Either that or I just didn’t want to think about goals because typically those coincide with hard work.

Whatever the reason they are a little late, here are a few that I felt like sharing:


My spiritual life has been pretty slack recently. I haven’t prioritized it as I should, and I want to change that. I want to become more intentional about my quiet time and prayer life. Morning quiet time at least 3 times a week is my goal. I am not an early riser, and mornings don’t come naturally to me. If I said I will get up early and do this every single day, I’d fail…probably tomorrow. I do firmly believe that having quiet time first thing really does set your mind and heart on track for a better day, though. 3 times seems like a realistic goal that I can supplement throughout the week at other times. If you’re looking to start something new, I love participating in She Reads Truth devotionals. There are so many different choices of studies–ranging from a specific book of the Bible to something topical and the daily readings are manageable yet meaningful. I love the App–so convenient!


Two goals here. One is just to simply stay active. There have been times where I’ve really stretched myself thin just trying to hit a number of workouts goal for the week. I want to be flexible enough to not turn down a happy hour invitation because I have to go work out, but also not turn into a couch potato. I love attending Spin classes,  the Kayla Itsines guides, and in general trying new workouts. I’ll try anything once! From kickboxing to swimming, I think I’ve pretty well covered my bases.

My second goal is to drink more water. I am not one of those healthy people who carry their water bottle around with them everywhere. I mean, I wish I were…but…I just don’t LOVE water. However, I know it’s healthy and something I should do. At first my resolution was just going to be to drink my entire S’well bottle every day…then I googled actual water intake goals and realized my goal was super underwhelming. I upped it to two, although technically I think 3 is closer to the actual amount I should be drinking. Gotta leave yourself room for improvement, right?


Just one to share here. My goal is to pay Wes more compliments. He works, he cooks, he takes care of me and the dogs (aka feeds us), he helps me clean up around the house–and he does it all with a smile on his face. He never complains, he’s always thoughtful and considerate–I am truly amazed by him all the time. When I was engaged and a first-year teacher, my principal gave me a piece of marriage advice I’ll never forget. She told me that your spouse is what/who you say they are. I think about that often, and I think it’s so true–even extending beyond marriage. Whatever people around you are constantly telling you is what you internalize. If you’re hearing positive things, you feel better. If you’re hearing negative things, no one is happy. I want to use my words to build my spouse up–because he deserves it. That being said–I want to make sure my words are genuine. I’m not going to just throw out a “Hey, nice tie” on my way out the door to meet a quota. This is how my mind works, guys! I can’t set an actual number here because I’d probably say lame things like that.

That’s all for now. Gotta run and prepare for the first potential snow storm in South Carolina this year! Got my Oreos (my favorite snow day essential) while I was out with everyone else at the grocery tonight so I’m all set to be snowed in. See, wasn’t it convenient that I made my health goal to drink more water and not to eat less Oreos??

Did you make any resolutions or set any goals for yourself in 2017? Would love to hear them!


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