Bedroom Makeover

img_0868Hoodie: Loft, Leggings: Old Navy (sold out), similar, Tee: Loft (old), similar, coffee mug: World Market

When we began looking for a house to purchase a few years ago, we had some pretty big dreams. Gleaming hardwoods, open floor plan, outdoor space, completely furnished with Pottery Barn pieces (okay, that one’s a joke)…you get the picture. Our actual house hunt truly was like an episode of Property Brothers (I went through a brief obsession with this show)–the brothers show the couple a house that checks all of their boxes and then tell them how much it actually costs. Pretty much what happened to us. We had champagne taste on a beer budget, paired with a really hot real estate market.

Our first three offers fell through, but apparently the fourth time was the charm. By the time we went to check out the house we now call home, we were pretty discouraged. However, as is usually the case, God had a plan. It just so happened that His plan didn’t involve an open floor plan or a sparkling kitchen. Not that I think God has anything against those things. I just mean that sometimes what we think we need isn’t really what we actually need. Our house is small, but we love it. It’s at its finest when filled with our close friends and family who overlook our non-Pottery Barn furniture (one day I’ll have to share the story about how our couch has earned its gaping hole in the side…cough, Roxie, cough) and seem perfectly mostly content hanging out in the cramped kitchen. The size is even a nice reminder for me to avoid buying unnecessary “clutter” and to keep things simple. While the kitchen wasn’t exactly sparkling, the cabinets were painted white and the downstairs was (mostly) painted a pretty gray color that we liked.

Enter the master bedroom.

Turquoise. Bright turquoise.

Now,  don’t get me wrong. I like turquoise as much as the next person. Truly, I do. I even briefly painted my bedroom at my parents’ house turquoise. Major shout out to them by the way for letting an 18 year old choose the paint color and execute that project…they didn’t even ask for my help to paint it back shortly after! Can’t imagine why.

Turquoise just didn’t quite fit with the vision of tranquility I had in mind for our bedroom. But, neither did repainting. Our first foray with painting didn’t go very well. We were 23 years old (22? I can’t even remember now), living in our first little house in Columbia, and decided to paint the kitchen this bright green color. Whatever your opinions are about getting married at the ripe old age of 22, 22 year olds should definitely not be allowed to choose paint colors. I mean…maybe green was trending at the time. I don’t know. (It wasn’t). Anyways–imagine green paint all over the ceiling, the cabinets, etc. We were truly scarred after that experience. I had no desire to enter into that scenario again by painting our new bedroom. So, it sat. Turquoise. For two years.

Back to that whole vision-of-tranquility thing. It wasn’t tranquil. Our bedding was old and discolored (thanks, Roxie & Deacon). Our room just didn’t feel like a place I wanted to spend my time. Winter break seemed like the perfect opportunity for a little makeover. We’re really happy with how it turned out, and there is actually very little paint on the ceiling this time around.




img_0815Paint: Sherwin Williams (color: March Wind), Duvet: Anthropologie, Throw Pillow: Target, Blankets: Target and Boll & Branch, Lamps: Target


Our new bedding was a gift from my in-laws for Christmas. I was looking for something neutral without too much white (because, dogs). It is beautiful and perfect and fluffy and is currently almost always covered by a ratty old pink sheet to protect it from doggies who think it’s acceptable to jump on the bed whenever they please. I promised to keep things real, didn’t I? We rearranged the furniture (one of my favorite past-times) and I think it makes the room feel a little bit bigger. I picked out some matching lamps and bathroom accessories to make it all come together.


Shower Curtain: Target, Vanity Organizer: Target, Toothbrush Holder: Target, Soap Pump: Target, Towels: Target

I love a good DIY project (when it’s over). Don’t you? Would love to hear about your adventures with DIY projects in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Bedroom Makeover

  1. You, your husband and your house are warm, comfortable and inviting. Most of that, of course, is attributible to your big hearts, but that makeover didn’t hurt! I love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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