Valentine’s Day: Pro Tips and Sweet Sweaters

lexi_fashion96Sweater: Loft (out of stock online but still some in-store availability), Scarf: Loft (exact one sold out, similar), Jeans: Loft, Shoes: Loft (exact pair sold out, similar), Earrings: Kate Spade, Purse: Kate Spade (exact bag no longer available, similar)

Photography by: Emily Solberg Photography

Valentine’s Day. I feel like it’s one of those days people either love (so early in the post for a pun, but such is life) or hate–but to be honest I’ve never felt extreme emotions about it. Since we have that whole high school sweetheart thing going on, Wes and I have spent quite a few Valentine’s Days together. We’ve done a little bit of everything to celebrate over the years, but one of my favorite parts of our Valentine’s dates has always been finding the right outfit writing letters to one another (Wes likes to skip the greeting cards).  I thought I’d get in the Valentine’s Day spirit by sharing a few of our past date ideas and a handful of my favorite sweaters for staying in–since that is our plan this year!lexi_fashion95lexi_fashion82lexi_fashion811. Cooking at Home

Our first and some of our most recent Valentine’s Days were spent at home. It can be nice to avoid the crowds, the price, and the hassle of going out (please tell me someone else can relate to the stress of trying to park downtown). Lucky for me, Wes is a phenomenal cook so I don’t have to sacrifice on the quality of the food! But even if he weren’t, you have to give bonus points for your Valentine being willing to cook for you. Turn on some romantic music (I feel like Alexa could easily take care of that…side note: is anyone else as creeped out as I am by Alexa/Amazon Echo?!), light a few candles, grab a bouquet of flowers (from Trader Joe’s–they’re inexpensive, simple, & beautiful) and you’ve got yourself a winning date night. Pro tip: you can wear sweatpants and no one will ever know.

2. Going out to Dinner

This one is probably the most obvious, but it feels wrong to leave it out. We love trying new places (or returning to an old favorite) and are always looking for an excuse to do so. Can’t get a much better excuse to dine out than Valentine’s Day! If you’re planning to do this, go ahead and make your reservations now I hope you already have reservations. If you don’t, here’s a twist on one of our favorite date night activities–turn your dinner date into a “dinner crawl” of sorts! Pick out a few places that you can grab a seat and an appetizer at the bar, then head somewhere else for another! Pro tip: Know where you want to go ahead of time. Trying to decide where to go on the spur of the moment occasionally ends in h-angriness. Guilty.

3. Take a Trip

Our first married Valentine’s Day was one of our favorites! To celebrate, we took a quick weekend trip to Charleston. Try to find a place that isn’t far from where you live, do your research, and plan in advance. That will give you time to decide where to eat (if you’re not sensing a pattern, you don’t know us very well), what to do, and to budget for the added expense of a trip. Personally, I’d much rather save the money on presents and put it towards traveling! Pro tip: If you visit The Gin Joint, don’t order a drink that doesn’t have the price listed on the menu. Your after dinner drink bill might end up being more than your dinner bill (we had a gift certificate, but still).

4. See a Show

Check out your local theatre options and see what’s playing! A few years ago we saw Wicked–I hadn’t been to many musicals and had no idea what to expect but I loved it! Not something we do every night, and again–you can cut out the expense of presents in favor of a memorable activity together. Pro tip: Don’t ask your husband to take multiple photos holding the program before the show starts. You might get into a fight about it. Respect his limit of 3 photos at a time.

5. Have a Breakfast Date

Find a coffee shop or breakfast place in town that you haven’t tried! My favorite coffee shop in Greenville (The Village Grind) was a Valentine’s date find. We went for breakfast and fell in love with the amazing donuts & coffee (yeah, another pun. I’m sorry but Valentine’s Day just begs for them). This is a great budget friendly option if you, for instance, recently bought a house. It’s also romantic and quiet, giving you the chance to talk and connect. Don’t tell Wes I said this, but maybe the point of Valentine’s Day isn’t the food, but to spend quality time with the one you love. Pro tip: Village Grind only serves donuts on Sunday. Don’t get mad at me if you show up on Tuesday and they don’t have the delicious donuts I just fully endorsed.

This year, we’re actually saving the money we might spend on a Valentine’s Day date/present and putting it towards an upcoming trip to visit some of our best friends in Boston. I don’t know what we’ll do on the day of, but I do feel pretty confident you’ll find me in one of these cozy sweaters. How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Any date ideas for the future? Leave a comment below!

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Topshop Oversize Turtleneck Sweater, Lou & Grey Ribbed Tunic Sweater, Free People All Mine SweaterLeith Slouchy Cotton SweaterBillabong It’s Alright PulloverLou & Grey Striped Signaturesoft Cowl Tunic 


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