Cozied up with My JORD Wood Watch

secondtake_woodwatch65of93Coat: Loft, Sweater: Free People, Jeans: Loft, Booties: Steve Madden, Watch: c/o JORD, Purse: Kate Spade

Photography by: Emily Solberg Photography

I recently had the opportunity to partner with JORD Wood Watches. In addition to the watch being absolutely gorgeous, the partnership presented me with an opportunity to think about time. Budgeting time–not one of my strong suits. Whether it is over-committing or running five minutes behind, I’m usually guilty.

secondtake_woodwatch3of93secondtake_woodwatch10of93secondtake_woodwatch47of93secondtake_woodwatch79of93Lately I haven’t been able to fight the feeling of being spread too thin–that sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I’ve chalked it up to just being the season of life that I’m in right now. Added responsibilities at work, meals to cook, workouts to cram in, dogs to walk, friends and family to spend time with, books to read, blog posts to write…I’m sure that your own list is similar. If you’re like me, many of the things on your list bring you great joy. I wouldn’t trade anything for sitting at home drinking a glass of wine & playing a board game with my husband. I might trade walking my spastic pups around the block for some well-mannered leash walkers. Just kidding–I wouldn’t trade my crazy pups, either. I feel fortunate to be able to have the gift of time with the ones I love and the ability to sneak a few moments each weekend to pursue my interests and passions despite the hectic moments during the week.

Speaking of passions–let’s get back to talking about this watch! JORD’s watches kept popping up on my social media feeds and I was so excited to give their product a try for myself. I couldn’t really imagine what a wooden watch would be like.  I chose the Frankie Series in Zebrawood & Navy. I was drawn to this watch by the bright pop of color in the face. I was so excited when the watch arrived in the mail a few days later! The fit was perfect (they actually provide you with a quick and easy way to measure your wrist so you can be sure it fits correctly–and trust me, if my math skills could be trusted I’m sure it’ll be a cake walk for the rest of you). One of my favorite things about the watch was how lightweight it is! I paired it with a cozy sweater and some booties–the perfect casual look.

JORD makes watches for men & women–with Wes’s birthday coming up I already have a jump on  where to start my shopping. I am leaning towards the Dover in Koa & Black–but check out the entire men’s collection here! Also, be sure to check out my Pinterest page to see a few more of my favorites for both men and women.

If you’re looking for a unique piece to add to your wardrobe (or to gift someone special), I highly recommend checking out their lineup.  And…I saved the best news for last! You could win $100 to use on the JORD site by entering our contest. It’s simple–follow the link here, fill out your name & email address, and be entered to win by 2/26/17! Even if you don’t take home the $100 prize, everyone who enters will still receive a $25 code to use towards a watch at the end of the contest. Take a look at the women’s collection–I’d love to know which one is your favorite!


Wooden Wristwatch

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