Not Waiting for White (Denim)

athleticwear9athleticwear29Outfit details linked below

Photography: Emily Solberg Photography 

As I was driving myself to the grocery store in my high school five-speed, adjusting the rearview mirror which then came off in my hand, I thought to myself….this has not been the most glamorous week I’ve ever had.

It seems like most people get into their first car accident in high school, but mine was last Thursday. Since then,  countless friends and family members have shared their own stories to make me feel a little bit better about one of life’s (seemingly inevitable) downs. Sadly for me, my first wreck was in my grown up car. Fortunately, though, my parents had hung on to my first car–and now it’s back in my possession–in all of its glory. While I’m bummed about saying a temporary good-bye to my backup camera and automatic windows, I am fortunate in that there were no injuries in the accident and the car is fixable. Besides, I could use a good arm workout in the form of cranking the windows down. In any case, a car accident is not really how you’d like to kick off the weekend.

To make matters both better and worse, we had planned to leave for Boston the following day. Good news: time with your far-away best friend cures most things. Bad news: Wes’s car has a passenger side airbag recall (which the company is currently not fixing, but advising that no one rides in the passenger seat–super annoying but don’t get me started). So, we drove the two-ish hours to the airport with Wes up front, me in the back. Yeah…glamorous.

We went to Boston, had an amazing time (which I promise to blog about soon), and arrived home just in time for me to get diagnosed with the flu.

For the second year in a row.

And if driving around in your old high school car isn’t glamorous, neither is having the flu. If you’ve been there, you understand. Wearing anything other than pajamas was an accomplishment. No make up for days. No effort into hair. You’re welcome if you received one of my flu-filtered Snapchats.

Now that I’m on the mend, Wes has it. Some weeks are like that, I think. I once made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t have one of those fashion blogs where everything is perfectly staged with no bits of real life coming through, so here I am, just makin’ good on my word.

Now that everyone’s up to speed on what life has been like here lately, let’s talk clothes. One of my favorite trends is white denim…BEFORE Easter! Shocking, right? Nah. Everyone’s doing it, and you can, too. Here are two ways to wear your white denim–now. Whether you’re playing it casual or heading out for dinner, you can easily transition this wardrobe piece that is quickly becoming one of my staples. By swapping sweaters and shoes, you can easily build outfits for countless occasions.

athleticwear9athleticwear23athleticwear44Sweater: Loft, Denim: Loft, Shoes: Nike (color is Oatmeal), Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana, Necklace: Vestique

athleticwear30athleticwear31athleticwear27Sweater: Loft (sold out, try this for spring instead), Denim: Loft, Shoes: Chinese Laundry, Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana, Watch: Michael Kors, Purse: Target

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