Boston Weekend Getaway

Over President’s Day weekend, we were fortunate to be able to take a quick trip to Boston to visit some of our very best friends! I mentioned in my Valentine’s Day post that we often prefer to skip presents for one another in favor of putting that money towards something else. We cancelled our reservations at a fancy restaurant (we still love you, Larkin’s) and designated the money we would have inevitably spent on steaks and wine as part of our plane ticket fund.

One of my best friends from high school and one of Wes’s best friends both happen to live in Boston. I was able to visit last fall and quickly fell in love with the city. I was dying to bring Wes the next time. Ideally, we would have visited in the fall (the weather is truly beautiful), but with work schedules and budgeting it ended up being that winter was a better fit. We were lucky that we avoided the back to back blizzards by just a week! It was such a treat to spend time with our friends and explore the city together.

We arrived on Friday evening and after a joyous airport reunion immediately headed out for dinner. Our friends Heather and Derion took us to their favorite pizza place, Otto (which is actually based in Portland, ME). We ordered a Mashed Potato pizza (oh my yum–cannot describe how good this was!) and a Hawaiian pizza. Both were outstanding. After dinner, we walked across the street to The Paris Creperie (you’ll quickly learn that food was mostly the highlight of the trip) for dessert.

Saturday morning, we woke up early (gotta love having a best friend who is a teacher–you both are used to that teacher schedule!) and headed straight for doughnuts. The doughnuts at Union Square Donuts were absolutely amazing. I had some type of raspberry filled one and Wes ordered a Boston Creme. Heaven on a plate, guys. We spent the rest of the day attempting to walk off the doughnuts–and see as much of the city as we could! Some of the highlights were checking out Eataly (a 45,000 square foot Italian marketplace  with food to take, make, or enjoy there), the Boston Public Library, and exploring Boston Public Garden & Boston Common. We totally lucked out with the weather. While there was plenty of snow to gawk at (more on the ground than all I’ve ever seen in South Carolina combined), the weather was warmer than usual for the time of year.


Sunday, we headed across the Charles River to check out Cambridge. We were able to meet up with Wes’s friend, Chris, who showed us some of his favorite spots. My favorite was Lamplighter Brewing–which served beer and coffee. Beer AND coffee, guys. How perfect is that for an afternoon hangout? Greenville, please take note. The guys grabbed a beer, and Heather and I headed for what we do (drink?) best–the coffee. I had a lavender latte and have to admit, I’m now hooked. I felt like a local because I ordered it iced–but in retrospect, I should have guessed by the fact that I was sweating in Boston in February that I had a fever—(early flu warning signs?). We checked out Harvard and a few other spots before heading to the North End for dinner.lamplighter-longfellows

As someone who openly admits that they don’t love Italian food (I know, I’m weird)–even I will admit that the Italian food in the North End is worth the trip. We ate at Mamma Maria and Artu (not on the same night, but I mean…I wouldn’t put it past us), but I preferred Artu. It was a little less frou-frou, and sometimes you just want a delicious family-style meal that leans more towards the filling side than the fancy side. You can’t really go to the North End and not have cannoli for dessert, so of course we tried both Modern Pastry Shop and Mike’s Pastry. And…drumroll please…the crowd favorite was Mike’s! We ate so many good things, but the pistachio cannoli at Mike’s really might have been my very favorite.

Monday morning, we made time for one last doughnut stop (Blackbird Doughnuts) before heading to the airport. Wes tried another Boston Creme and concluded that Blackbird’s Boston Creme was the best. After a tearful goodbye, we boarded our plane (aka the flu-mobile) and headed home. It was a whirlwind weekend filled with friends and food–our favorite things! Thank you so much to our sweet friends for hosting us, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we didn’t leave you with a parting gift of the flu.

Here’s a quick roundup of some of the items in my suitcase for the weekend! Layering was key for the changing temps throughout the day.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Vestique Double Take VestUgg Cecile Cold-Weather Waterproof Lace Up Leather Duck Booties, Vestique Old Times Sakes Top, Vestique Cafe Au Latte Sweater, Vestique Crushin’ On You Dress, Loft Ribbed Pointelle Sweater, Loft Faux Fur Popover Scarf, Zella Platinum Moto LeggingsLoft Denim Leggings

Have you ever visited Boston? We would love to go back one day–let me know what we shouldn’t miss next time in the comments below. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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