Pursuing Passions (Into Activewear and Beyond)


athleticwear4Jacket: Gap Factory (not available online), Leggings: Nordstrom, Shoes: Nike, Watch: Fitbit

Photography by: Emily Solberg Photography

We’ve successfully reached one of my favorite milestones of each school year: spring break. I spent the beginning part of the break traveling with Wes & my in-laws to Washington, D.C. (post to come!), and this afternoon I found myself in the beautiful position of having a few more days free of plans.


When I got home from running errands this morning, I pulled into my driveway and my mind started to race with the possibilities for the empty afternoon ahead. The could-do’s, should-do’s, don’t-wanna-do’s all filled my mind. I could read a book. I could write. I could garden. I could clean my messy house. Walk the dogs.  Go find an iced latte. Grocery shop. Unpack from D.C. Catch up on laundry. Work on refinishing the piece of furniture that has been patiently waiting for, erm, two-ish years. I’ll let you guess the category each of those fell into.

Trying to determine which to make a priority, I was struck with a thought I have considered before: I’m the type of person whose passions seem to be ever-changing and fleeting. I find something I want to try, pour myself into it for a short while, then let the flame flicker out. I looked at my garden that last spring I was so excited about–it’s now overgrown and in tatters (okay, we can kind of blame that on the possum that I found residing in it, resulting in my orders for Wes to “TEAR IT ALL OUT” per the article I found on de-possuming your garden).

It almost happened with blogging–I took a little hiatus for most of the month of March, but as I sat on our back porch, soaking up the refreshing sunshine, warm (but not yet unbearably hot) air, the birds chirping, and the pups laying outside in the grass dirt (if you’ve seen our yard, you’ll know that we don’t really have grass, per se). I realized how we often need a break from something we love to feel renewed. My mini-break from blogging. Spring break for teachers. Sometimes, distancing yourself from something that started out as a passion but turned into a chore or another item on the to-do list can be just what you need.

So, here I am. Back to the blog, and unsurprisingly going to tell you all about the newest passion in my life. Several weeks ago, I accepted a part-time job as an indoor cycling instructor! I was introduced to spinning and group exercise classes in college and have been hooked ever since. I can clearly remember sitting in one of my first few classes, thinking about how awesome (I was in college, my vocabulary was limited) it would be to be the person in front leading the class. That thought was quickly followed by a million reasons why that would never be something I could do. However, I continued to seek out cycling classes post college and decided to take the plunge and get certified to instruct last January. I sat on the certification for a while, not sure what my future as an aerobics instructor really looked like. I didn’t want to seek out a second job if the circumstances weren’t right. I wasn’t trying to add unnecessary stress. However, recently the seemingly perfect opportunity came along at the gym where I was currently working out and it just felt right. I taught my first class last week (at 5:45 a.m.–are you shocked or what??), and while I was a bundle of nerves prior to hopping up on the bike, I felt relaxed and at ease. It was so fun–and while I am sure that the pre-ride jitters will continue to stick around, I am looking forward to seeing what this new passion holds!

Of course, the new job seemed like a perfect opportunity to stock up on cute workout-wear. I’ve linked the pieces I have recently picked up below. Don’t tell Wes, but I think I’ve already outspent my first paycheck. Best part? The pieces from Old Navy are currently 50% off!

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Lululemon Glide & Stride Bra (Black), Old Navy Go-Dry Cool Crossback Keyhole Tank (Lost at Sea Navy), Lululemon Energy Bra (Shibori Varsity Blue White), Old Navy Go-Dry Cool Crossback Keyhole Tank (Cool Space Dye), Old Navy Go-Dry High-Rise Printed Compression Crops (Party Started Pink), Old Navy Go-Dry Mid-Rise Printed Compression Crop (Navy Floral–I recommend sizing up in this pair due to the way the pattern looks when it stretches), Old Navy Go-Dry Performance 1/4 Zip Pullover (Soft Black Stripe, but really tempted to pick it up in pink, too)

I’m off to go work on that garden (sticking to herbs this year, lowering expectations for myself and the possums). Have you ever been to an indoor cycling class? Would love to hear your favorite workouts and your favorite places to pick up workout wear below.

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