To do, to eat, to wear: Asheville, NC

Leggings: Lululemon, Top: Loft (similar), Earrings: Vestique (sold out), similar, Shoes: Anthropologie, similar, Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana (sold out, similar), Watch: Michael Kors

We love living in Greenville for a million reasons, but one of them surely is its proximity to another of our favorite cities: Asheville, NC. The beautiful mountains, the foodie scene, the craft beer options—it’s perfectly suited for us and the perfect distance for a quick weekend trip.

Admittedly, I am way behind on detailing the current events around our house. My post last week was about spring break and it’s September. Yeesh. But, I’ll embrace where procrastination has taken me. We’ll skip ahead over May (I did Whole30…trust me, you’re not missing much excitement there) and head straight into June. JUNE. Bless you, June. Bless you, summer. The sweetest sound after a busy school year! Our summer this year was full of my favorite thing: traveling! It was the perfect storm of planning (weddings, visits to friends, trips with family) and I was so grateful for the time away. We kicked off the #summeroftravel with a destination none other than Asheville. We went with my husband’s family and celebrated Mother’s Day (a little late) and Father’s Day (a little early). No matter the season, Asheville is full of things to do and gorgeous sights to see. Now that it’s fall, it’s even more beautiful with the cool weather and the leaves beginning to change colors. If you’ve never been, I can’t recommend it enough!

So, you’re going, obviously. But what will you do when you get there? What will you eat? Drink? Wear? I’ve got you covered, friends. Keep on reading.

To do:

This trip, we stayed at The Omni Grove Park Inn for the first time. It was definitely a splurge, but it was beautiful! When I hear the term “inn” I picture a tiny little place. If that’s what you’re imagining, think much bigger. Read: resort. We were given a gift certificate at Christmas that covered part of our stay, which helped us make the decision to stay there. If you’re like us and have champagne taste on a beer budget, I’d recommend one of two things: 1) Save up and stay just for one night to experience it (that’s what we ended up doing, switching to somewhere more affordable the second night) or 2) Stay elsewhere but do go to check out the property! There are several restaurants with beautiful views  you could enjoy with a cocktail (or if you go early, a cup of coffee) in hand. If you visit in winter, they host The National Gingerbread House Competition (who knew that was a thing?) on Nov. 20. The houses stay up on display around the resort from Nov. 26-Jan. 4.

Visit the Biltmore House. Yes, just do it. I feel like I’ve said this a million times and I’ll probably say it a million more—I love history. Wandering around the Biltmore House takes me to another time. I love imagining how different life was back when it was built over 100 years ago. Don’t miss the gardens if the weather is nice!

Try out a craft brewery (or two). Even if you’re not a beer drinker, it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon! Most of the breweries in the area have board/yard games to keep you entertained while you spend time with friends. If your dogs can hold it together in public better than Roxie and Deacon can, you’ll also find that most of them are dog-friendly.

I love stopping in to Malaprop’s Bookstore/Café as we’re exploring the downtown scene. It is hands down my favorite local bookstore! Another place with tons of local flavor is the Kress Emporium. More than 80 regional artists have their work featured here and it’s so fun to look at all the unique creations from pottery to jewelry. It makes me wish I had even an ounce of artistic ability!

To eat/drink (because it’s Asheville, after all):

Our favorite restaurant, easily, is Curate. It’s a Spanish tapas restaurant nestled right downtown. They recently expanded, but it’s still difficult to get reservations due to the small size (and delicious food). If I know we’ll be in Asheville, I head straight to their website to see if they have any openings! Their menu varies, but I’ve never had anything I didn’t like (I just don’t let Wes order anything that has goat cheese, ha).IMG_9041

Wes’s favorite brewery is Burial Beer Co. My favorite thing is their Skillet Donut Stout (which is sometimes served with a donut hole…can you guess why it’s my favorite?). Wes generally prefers IPAs and loves their selection. They have inventive and funky stuff that you won’t find anywhere else, like a stout that is light in color and plays tricks on your mind. It’s a great place to get a flight to experience the variety. The atmosphere is fun and laid back and they’ve even expanded since we first visited several years ago.

If the super small craft beer scene isn’t you, check out Sierra Nevada. It’s like the Biltmore Estate of breweries. They truly have something for everyone—tours, a restaurant, live music, a gift shop, etc. It isn’t walkable if you’re staying downtown, but it’s only about a 20-25 minute drive.

I could talk about food in Asheville forever, so I’ll make one last plug for my favorite place and leave it at that. Go to Sunnypoint Café for breakfast/brunch. Thank me later. There will be a long line (unless you go early). Wait in the long line. It is so worth it! Or, be lame like me and wake up early to go get your stuffed French toast on.FullSizeRender 2


Okay, I forgot about dessert so I really can’t leave you hanging without that. It would just be wrong. I’ll make it quick: French Broad Chocolate Lounge. Go to there.

To wear:

The vibe in Asheville is bohemian. I love embracing that feel when we visit! You’ll see a little bit of everything when you’re out and about. Everyone in Asheville is just doing their own thing—and you should, too! Here are a few of my favorite fall picks that channel that Asheville/Boho feel.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Loft Autumn Dream Shirtdress, Loft Ruffle Tie Mixed Media Blouse, Vestique Fall Forward Sweater, Vestique Wonderfully Wild Earrings, Anthropologie Keds x Rifle Paper Co. Gold Print Sneakers, Anthropologie Tansy Ruffled Pants


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